Too Hot for Dogs

Into the park

Into the park

This is way too sunny for me

This is way too sunny for me

Something strange has happened in my land – heat and sunshine and far too much of it. The grey skies of London are no more, and I am struggling to cope.

Yesterday Jaq took me out early. We walked the shaded side of the park by the railings but it was way too hot for me. I dawdled and Jaq took the hint and we headed home.

Trying to cool off under the table

Trying to cool off under the table

She said it was weird weather because normally it rains during the tennis at Wimbledon, but I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Back home I rested under the garden table as Jaq has moved her office outside.

It cooled later on and we were off out to the pub. We have to make the most of it, Jaq says, because you never know how long an English summer will last.

We went out super early this morning and it was still too hot. I sat in the shade of the park until Jaq got the message. Back home, I have been swapping between the marble hearth, the rug and under the table outside. Nowhere is cool.

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2 Responses to Too Hot for Dogs

  1. says:

    Oh I know what you mean, Basil my friend! Even at my advanced I never refuse a walkies but I pant all the way, even though my human walks slowly in the heat – whether in consideration for me or for her, who knows, who cares! Take care – this heat won’t last forever. Will it?! Meg

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