Basil’s Long and Very Good Friday

Out in the sun

Out in the sun

Woke early, jumped up at Jaq’s bed and whimpered. She rolled over and made out she couldn’t hear me. Tried again a little later. This time success and I’m out the back door for a quick toilet break, while checking for foxes.

Morning walk is different. We cross the Green pause at a cafe (treats for me – result), and then walk the towpath and back across my regular park and home. Hot and thirsty and need to rest (once I’ve secured a treat, obviously).

Resting all afternoon due to the heat (weird, I know, seeing as this is London, England – land of rain and terminal greyness).

Me, at the pub

Me, at the pub

Fun times continue, as late afternoon we head out once again, and we’re off to the pub – somewhere all British dogs love. Family had a few drinks while I rested under the table, and then they stopped off at a Chinese takeaway. I beg for bones, obviously.

I’m now on my nightly fox-watch. It has to be done. Those pesky foxes are on my territory and I can’t let it lie.

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