Sunrise Walk

IMG_2051Up and out in the dark the other morning – which is not like Jaq.

What is going on? I thought, as she drove us through empty streets. Turns out we were off to the river where there were other dogs and humans gathered. And soon we were off walking in drizzly rain.

The sun rose, though it wasn’t visible behind all the clouds, but hey this is England. Jaq said she was surprised sunrise was so early – 4.30, she said.

I’m not known for my wet-weather walking. If there’s a spot of rain I can take it or leave it, and usually I prefer to leave it once I’ve done my business, if you know what I mean. But, for some reason I was happy to go with the flow. There were a lot of legs going in the same direction and when you’re as small as I am it’s best to keep going and keep up.

IMG_2054We walked along the towpath and across the common, into town, and back along the river where 10K later we finished up back where we started.

Photos were taken and Jaq was given a medal while I received copious amounts of treats. Splendid.

Slept for the rest of day.

Note from Jaq: Please check out my free Kindle short story here.

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