Grey Spring Sky

Me, Basil, and breezy weather

Me, Basil, and breezy weather

I’m moulting. Yeah, OK, so it’s officially spring, leaves are back on the trees and my paws aren’t so cold any more, but there’s some weird weather going on.

Yesterday, ice fell from the sky. I went out and barked – a lot.

‘Good boy,’ Jaq said. She always says that, pretty much whatever I do (unless I roll in fox poop, that is). She also gave me a rub down as I was wet. I love that. ‘Hailstones,’ she said, and I thought, what the hell are you talking about?

Anyways, today has been grey with occasional bursts of sunshine, but then that’s London for you. And us Londoners know it goes like this: burst of sunshine – dash out for a walk and hope for the best.

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  1. says:

    Hey, Basil, good to hear from you again. Cute photo, too. Do you know, I think I must be the only dog who doesn’t like to be towelled down after a walk in the rain. I let my human run the towel over me no more than five times before I let her know, enough! But that’s just me. We canines are going to enjoy our walkies today in this lovely sunshine – long may it last. Perhaps I’ll see you later. Your fiend (oops, Freudian slip!) – I mean, friend, Meg.

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