Dogs in Trouble

Me, Basil, rolling

Me, Basil, rolling

So, I woke Jaq super early, and it was dark and she was grumpy but what can I say I needed to go.

Out back, I made it just in time, and while I was at it I had a serious bark at the back fence. I mean those foxes are out there. I can smell them and hear them, and quite frankly it’s irritating.

Jaq does not understand. She’s at the back door rattling treats. Normally this would get me back but I had work to do.

Jaq muttered something about it being “three in the morning” and “the neighbours will complain”. She doesn’t understand.

It’s our territory. There are foxes! If I don’t bark they’ll move in.

Anyhow, I’m not the only one who’s been in trouble lately. Recently, en route to the park we ran into Polly (the Jack Russell). She had her tail between her legs. There’d been a travelling circus camped up and Polly ran around the caravans sniffing out food. Apparently it took quite some time to get her back.

Basil in the bath

Basil in the bath

Meanwhile, Maxi has been working hard. His human left her dog walking bag on the floor in the hall (what was she thinking?) and Maxi, being one smart guy, retrieved the one item of interest: the treats bag.

Maxi opened that bag and took out the small glass jar (an old spice jar, Jaq says) and managed to manoeuvre its tight plastic lid open to extract all the treats.

Back to me. I dropped kibble in Jaq’s walking boot, and I couldn’t get it out. Jaq put it on, took it off, shook boot, found kibble and laughed.

She didn’t laugh this morning though when I rolled in fox poop.

Serves her right, she’s been out for two days. I’ve been neglected. No wonder I woke early, left food in her shoe and rolled….

Note from Jaq: Basil was walked early for two days because I went to London Book Fair.

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One Response to Dogs in Trouble

  1. Hmmm I know nothing of fox poop yet. Ducks, chickens, rabbits, turtles, tortoises… Yes! Fox? No. Seems I have investigating to do.

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